1st Simon footage, originally uploaded by thevitales.



 Here’s a few great pics of the kids Chris (aka Papa) took today. Ezra and Ivy are loving this little guy!!!

Simon Jude Vitale was born at 2:20pm, Friday, February 19th.  He weighs 8lbs./6oz. and is 21.5 in. long. And he is absolutely perfect!  He has big chubby cheecks and a double chin. His chin also has a big dimple! He looks a lot like his siblings, especially when they were newborn. He has Ivy’s lips and Ezra’s nose and eyes. He also has Ivy’s thick, black hair.  Here’s a couple of shots of him and the family, with more pics to follow of course!

Allison is doing very well today!  It was a bit rough for her yesterday, especially in the hours after the procedure, but she bounced back and is doing the mom thing quite well!  I’m so proud of her, she’s such a great mother!!!

a bit of info

Jonathan: baconator and stifled genius /// Allison: happy mama and freelance thinker /// Ezra: brave dragon conqueror /// Ivy: self-proclaimed princess/// Simon Jude: cuddler/sleeper

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